Athens - the capital of Greece

Athens is one of the oldest capitals in Europe with more than 3000 years of history and the largest city in Greece.

Its name comes from the name of Greek goddess Athena - a symbol of the wisdom. The city is known worldwide as the cradle of a great civilization where there were born the democracy, science and philosophy. Today, Athens is an important political, cultural, transport and economics center of Greece.

The biggest landmark is the Acropolis of Athens - the temple of the goddess Athena. Acropolis in Athens is the most famous preserved Acropolis in Greece and dates back to the Mycenaean Age (II millennium BC). Is a flat rocky peak rising 150 m above sea level in Athens and it is suggested that it was located royal palace dating from the Mycenaean Age.

While in Athens, you should surely visit other important ancient sites and monuments and tourist attractions as the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, Olimpionat, Arch of Adrian, Agora, Syntagma Square, Roman Forum, the Byzantine Museum and others. Most of them can be found mainly around the neighborhood near the Plaka and the Acropolis.

Athens is one of the most important tourism spots of Greece. Its hundreds of hotels are very different and as you can predict they are from luxurious hotels (All Inclusive 5 Star hotels) to the most ordinary one star cheap hotels. Although there are so many hotels it will not be easy to find a proper hotel for you if you plan to go there without a reservation. So keep that fact in mind and try to book your hotel before you go to Athens, at least several weeks ago.

It is good if you to find a good travel agency that could book you an Athens hotel as early as possible because in this case you will save some of your money, although some people think they can find their hotel reservation or holiday package at a cheaper prise and without the services of any travel agency.

Athens best hotels are many but we can mention just some of them here:

*Hotel Grande Bretagne;
*King George Palace;
*Divani Apollon Palace And Spa;
*Amphitryon Hotel;
*St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel;
*Magna Grecia Boutique Hotel;
*Arion Resort and Spa;
*Athens Life Gallery.

Athens hotel - Andromeda Hotel, The Royal Olympic...

This is a list of some of the best hotels in Athens

*Andromeda Hotel *****
*The Royal Olympic Hotel*****
*The President Hotel ****
*Acropol Hotel****
*Oscar Hotels ***
*King Jason Hotel ***
*Ionis Hotel ***
*Best Western Hotel Zinon ***
*Alma Hotel **
*Electra Palace Hotel Athens *****
*Stanley Hotel ****
*Adrian Hotel ***
*Best Western Hotel Museum ***
*Myrto Hotel ***